Hmoob Vocabulary has upgraded to a new look and to be more friendly on small screen.

Search now supports both monosyllabic and multisyllabic words.

  • Monosyllabic words: "koj, kuv, peb, noj, qab, nyob, zoo" where each syllable is a whole word with full meaning.

  • Multisyllabic/Compound words: "pebcaug, puavpheej, phoojywg" where each word consist of two or more syllables.

How to search?

Using this screenshot as a guide and you will find the result you are looking for.

  1. Available languages: Hmong to any matching language, English - Hmong only or any language in database.

  2. HV database contains a list of words and their definition. User can search by word or in the definition.

  3. Simply enter the key word to look for.

  4. Press Search to start querying HV database.

The Result

If a result is found, it will be display with brief summary:

  1. Number of results found.

  2. Language of the word/term and the definition.

  3. Word or terminology found and is clickable to see more detail.

  4. Abbreciation of word classification of whether is verb, noun, adjective, etc...

  5. Image icon if there is an image, touch or move mouse over the icon will display the larger image.

On the Detail

At the top is the label showing the word's language and the definition's language. (See screenshot).

  1. Word or terminololy or phrase.

  2. Break down of multisyllabic word into individual syllable or word.

  3. Pronunciation or how it sounds like, if available.

  4. Classification of whether is verb, noun, adverb, etc...

  5. Synonyms or words that share the same or similar meaning, if any.

  6. Etymology or history or background information about the word, if provided.